Ketamine for Bipolar

Are You Suffering From Bipolar Disorder?

The complexity of treating bipolar disorder is one reason why it’s so hard to manage the symptoms. For those who experience negative feelings on a regular basis, these powerful emotions can make them resist treatment and resistant toward any efforts made by doctors or loved ones trying to help with their illness.

Researchers have recently achieved a breakthrough in treating bipolar disorder with the help of ketamine infusion treatments. Ketamine therapy is an emerging treatment that may be right for you if one or more symptoms match your specific needs.

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What Is Bipolar Disorder?

There are many things to consider when it comes to bipolar disorder and how best we can help those who suffer from this mental illness. Unfortunately, not all patients believe they have the condition or else their symptoms were mistaken for something else entirely.

Likewise – though less often- some people with true bipolar may also go undiagnosed due in part to lack of awareness on behalf of doctors as well other factors such as alcohol abuse.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

There are many symptoms of bipolar disorder, but the key one is experiencing periods of extreme elation and depression. Other signs may include restlessness or a rapid speech pattern while others might have problems with concentration for long periods in between high points on an emotional rollercoaster ride that can last weeks at a time as they plan unrealistic schemes to get out their bad moods

Should You Use Ketamine?

Treatment with ketamine for bipolar disorder is an option that might be right for people who have struggled to get results from other treatments. Studies show this drug can help relieve depression and anger outbursts, as well as night terrors or suicidal thoughts in patients suffering from the illness.

Can Ketamine Help Your PTSD?

If you think you may have Bipolar Disorder or know someone who does, contact us today to schedule a consultation! We offer ketamine infusion therapy for Bipolar Disorder in Mobile, AL, for patients suffering from bipolar depression. Contact our office today at 251-607-6653 to learn more about how ketamine could help treat your PTSD symptoms!

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